Deeply appreciate this. I have many thoughts.

Though this article focuses on racism, the issue isn’t only one of racist sentiments. Like many other institutions, development harbors all the systems of oppression interacting with each other. A colleague recently turned me onto the phrase kyriarchy as a single concept to represent intersecting forms of oppression.

Also, as the author might expect, race issues aren’t just black-and-white relationships between expats and the indigenous. As a Black American development scholar in Botswana, I see — and experience — many shades of gray when dealing with this topic, that is infinitely more complex than University questions coated with coded language.

Also, I appreciate how this article uses statistical methods to depict the country’s institutional inequity. However, when race is discussed, I believe the argument becomes all the more cogent when we discuss history — specifically, how race, in Sierra Leone, became specifically entrenched in development activity.

Bravo. More of this.

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