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The Art of the Vomit: How to generate copious writing content

My best writing experience came from a complete failure.

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  • a letter of recommendation from your university’s presidential office (because you can’t apply by yourself),
  • a perfectly developed online resume,
  • up to EIGHT recommendation letters,
  • and a thousand-word personal statement.

How to Vomit Words

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Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash
  • What would you do, if you had all the money in the world?
  • What one skill people wouldn’t expect you to have when they first see you.
  • Name three qualities you value in your friends, and why.
  • If you were lost in the Amazon rainforest, what tools would you take with you?
  • Name your heroes. What do you like about them? How are you like your heroes?
  • Name your favorite smell. Draft the story you remember based on that smell’s memory.

Wring and Repeat

Once you’ve wrung the intellectual towel, leave. Once you create something, your brain continues to process what you made subconsciously after you leave a project. A lot of smart people say the same.

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