What Was Behind Samuel L. Jackson’s Yell At the Oscars?

If you haven’t yet, take a second and watch the first thirty seconds of this video.

It’s gorgeous to see a room on fire.

If you’ve ever seen a Morehouse Man speak to an audience, they were subconsciously emulating the speeches they remember from Crown Forum. For four years in a row, every Man of Morehouse has been exposed to the blinding suns of oratory force unlike the world has ever seen. It’s almost like an engine of inexhaustible pride, and anyone who’s borne witness develops an emotional bond to the Morehouse experience that’s hard to put into words.

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MLK International Chapel, Morehouse College. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

“What makes Morehouse different?”

Growing up, 830 Westview Drive SW didn’t hold any special meaning.

Ever seen the vigor of a freshman step team?

Ever watched the sidelines of a drumline cadence after marching band?

Ever heard the roar of a student cafeteria during Fried Chicken Wednesday?

Matter of fact, have you ever eaten fried chicken in your life without the environment making you question that decision?

In this space, men fiercely proud of their culture could blossom. Whether attending research conferences, engaging in global activism, or frequenting the esteemed institution of Magic City, these young brothers could evolve into a more secure version of themselves.

Can an education offer you not only knowledge, but wisdom?

Not only a professional network, but a family?

Not only a legacy, but a inescapable connection to your past?

Not only a future, but a purpose?

Clearly, everyone gets something unique out of their school. Every institution worth their salt develops a strong relationship with their students, so they can continue the schools’ legacy through generations. It’s simply good economics.

I’m not here to define the difference.

Maybe it’s because of the rarely understood Morehouse Mystique.

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